An impressive apartment hotel that combines Japanese and Western beauty.

It is in the Omiya area where the Samurai who played active in the Edo period used to gather,
Good access location, 2 minutes on foot from Hankyu Omiya station, 3 minutes on foot from Randen Shijo Omiya station.
Within walking distance, there are famous places such as the Mibudera Temple,
famous for the Shinsengumi and Honnō-ji Temple, the last place of Oda Nobunaga.
It is a location where you can feel Japanese traditional history.
It has a tiled entrance, and a stylish design that focuses on the combination of Japanese and Western.
At the entrance there is a big blackboard where you can see messages of staff and guests from all over the world.
We hope you can feel the warmth of those who stay and that you can leave a piece of your memories there.
Rather than an apartment, this is a hotel-style facility.
In addition of having a sense of cleanliness,
you can also spend a simple and comfortable stay with just a bed and a desk arranged functionally.
We also have a smoking room and laundry facilities, so it is also recommended for either business use and long stay.

Address 604-8364 Kyoto, Fujiokacho 494
Access 2 min walk from Hankyu Omiya station/14 min walk from Subway Shijo station
Number of rooms 45
Capacity 45 people
Number of beds Double bed1/ Twin bed 1
Check in-out Check in 16:00/check out 10:00
Amenities/ Facilities Internet/Bath towels/Face towels/Toothbrush/Shampoo/Body soap/Conditioner/Air conditioner/ hairdryer/Refrigerator/Kettle/TV
Payment ≪Pre-settled payment by card≫
We will send you the payment information by e-mail when the staying date approaches.
Please complete the online payment with a card from the mail there.
Cancel Policy We charge the cancellation fee as follows. Please check them carefully.
≪Normal plan≫
7 days before arrival~: 100% of the accommodation fee
«Discount plan»
4 hours after reservation~: 100% of the accommodation fee