Stay in a Machiya (traditional wooden townhouse) at a very historic place in Kyoto, Shimabara.

Shimabara Bettei is located in the immediate vicinity of the famous Shimabara Daimon (the main gate of the Shimabara Shrine), a cultural and historical property. It is only 8 minutes on foot from JR Tambaguchi station, making it easy to access to Kyoto station so it makes it a convenient place for sightseeing.
Shimabara is the first adolescent town authorized by the Edo shogunate in Japan, also is a place known for the Shinsengumi (Japan`s special police during the Bakumatsu period).
It is a very popular tourist spot among people.
It is modernly renovated, so you can be comfortably using modern facilities such as the kitchen and the bathroom, while leaving the Japanese style in the room.
There is also a small garden at the center of the room, so you can spend a relaxing time looking at the garden.
Because it is a townhouse limited to one pair per day, it is a stay recommended to families or groups.
Address Kyoto, shimogyo-ku, ninintsukasa-cho 15-5
Access 8 minutes on foot from the JR Tambaguchi station
Bathrooms 1
Bedrooms 3 bedrooms and 1 dining room
Check-in/Check-out Check-in 16 :00/Check-out 10:00
Property type Detached house
Room type Entire house
Amenities/facilities Kitchenette / Internet / TV / essentials (towels · sheets · body soap · shampoo · conditioner · hand soap · toilet paper etc) / heating / air conditioner / bathtub / hair dryer / family / children OK