Just by the Saiin station. It is a comfortable place to stay and recommended for long term stay and tourism.

JAPANING HOTEL SAIIN is in Saiin Nishisanzo-cho near Hankyu Saiin station.
We will welcome you with stylish look when you go through Sai street with many restaurants. Soft lightning illuminates the space in front of the hotel and it shows a different look from day time.
There are many restaurants around the hotel, and there is kitchen, fridge, microwave in
each room. You can explore the town and able to stay for a long term. We recommend to guest
with various purpose.
The hotel is near to Kasuga-shrine, which is known where “Kasuga festival” is held, and also
Nijyo-jyo shrine. At here, you can enjoy Kyoto.
Address 25, Nishisanzo-cho, ukyo-ku,Kyoto city
Access 5 minutes walk from Hankyu Saiin station
Number of rooms 15
Accommodations 1~3 people
Numberof beds 1 double bed/1 extra bed / 2 single beds
Check-in/Check-out Check-in 16 :00/Check-out 10:00
Amenities/facilities internet/bath towel/face towel/toothbrush/bathtub/shampoo/body soap/conditioner/air conditioner/hair dryer/refrigerator/microwave/electric kettle/kitchen utensils/TV/washing machine